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I am a Studio Potter and a Ceramic Artist based at Noida, India. I belong to defence background and started my journey as a studio potter at the age of 50. Today, it’s been over 15 years since I’m practising pottery and enjoying my clay-play. I'm an AIFACS awardee. Nature is my inspiration and last yr I had a show “Ceramic Nature Series”. <br />
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I create ceramic wonders, just for sheer joy—that sublime happiness --infusing soul, and bringing them to life. I believe that Pottery is not just an art form; it is a therapy, a meditation indeed. While working in the studio I am very close to God. The very elements which constitute life - earth, fire, water, air and space - amalgamate with clay and take any form that one’s creativity dictates. My work adorns many corporate houses and homes in Delhi. I have participated in various exhibitions all over India. Have 4 solo shows to my credit. I also conduct workshops and classes. Passing on the art to my students in my studio is enriching and satisfying. <br />
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My going commercial is incidental. I believe in living life TODAY and turning simple joys into BIG CELEBRATIONS!!!!!!


Teacher turned potter at 50, couldn't have asked for more.

Today, I love working in my studio, infusing soul into my creations, enjoying the intense concentration, precision and of-course the roller coaster ride of emotions when I open the kiln. Oh ! it's the ultimate. Passing on this art to my students is very satisfying and enriching as well. I do customized pieces as well. I did my lessons under a very reputed ceramist, Rachna Prashar and have AIFACS award to my credit also.

I have had seven solo shows and a number of group shows in India. Apart from Pottery, I also paint in water colors and practice Ikebana (Japanese way of arranging flowers).

Join me for any of the following,

* Take weekday or weekend pottery classes
* Schedule corporate team-building sessions
* Sponsor pottery workshops for children
* Celebrate birthday, anniversary, valentines or any other special day
* Buy pottery for your home or someone you love
* Bring in your friend/friends for a wheel throwing experience.
* "Date with Clay"--is the best gift you can give to your dear one.
* You can just come and enjoy a cup of tea with me in my Heavenly Space--Studio 78

Contact Information:

Phone: +91 9899672403 / 120 2536487
E Mail:
Address: D-78, Sector-21, Jalvayu Vihar, NOIDA--201301, INDIA

Join me in my heavenly studio

* Weekday or weekend classes
* Corporate team-building sessions
* Workshops for children
* Celebrate birthday, anniversary, valentines or any other special day with a loved one
* Or simply buy pottery for your home

Address: D -78, Sect- 21, NOIDA, UP, India
Phone: 9899672403

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